Making Bird Puppets...

...It's Fun and Easy. To get you started making Bird Puppets, here is a free pattern for you to enjoy...

Old Joe Crow

making bird puppets - Crow

The sock is first prepared as shown below, with the folds at the corners wrapped, then the upper and lower bills are glued in place.

Thrust your hand inside the sock, as shown, keeping the fingers together to form the upper part of the mouth, the thumb lowered to form the lower jaw. Poke the toe of the stocking back into your hand to form the mouth. Sew across the fold at each corner of the mouth to hold it in place.

This bird has a bill of cardboard or construction paper in two parts.

Cut out the bill from construction paper (orange?) using the pattern below as a guide. Use quick-drying household cement and glue the bill on with your hand inside the sock, holding it firmly in place until dry. For eyes, use buttons, sequins or the eyes used on stuffed toys.

Hope you enjoy building this one! Send us a picture when you finish, and we'll include it on the site if you like.

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