Free Puppet Patterns

Try one of our Free Puppet Patterns with your kids. When they ask...

"What can I do today?"

...give them a puppet to make! We're including some free patterns here on the PuppetsNow site. But look for our book that's coming very soon with over 100 patterns!

Why Puppets?

  • Great Rainy day activity
  • Birthday party fun
  • Inspires Creativity
  • Fun for all ages
  • Materials are things you probably already have around the house

    You'll find patterns that can be done in a few minutes, as well as some more involved patterns...

    Animal Puppets
    Finger Puppets
    Glove Puppets
    ...and More.

    We have some easy-to-do Puppet patterns for you to enjoy. Pick one, and get creative...

    Fun Bird Puppet (Quick and Easy)

    Animal Puppet - Ape (A little harder - medium skill level)

    More coming soon


    We'd love to see some pictures of some of the puppets that you make. Send them to us, and we'll publish them on the PuppetsNow site.

    Go to PuppetsNow home - after getting your free Puppet patterns of course.